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Energy transition and energy saving have a special place in our portfolio. The functionality of this is captured by a powerful equation: CO2 emissions are a function of population growth, growth of affluence, changes in the carbon intensity of energy production, and energy efficiency. From day one we defined our role in this equation. AMG is to provide critical materials and related process technologies to advance a less carbon intensive world.


AMG is committed to achieving the highest standards of safety and environmental conduct at all its manufacturing facilities, as well as producing materials that help its customers minimize negative environmental impact. Protecting the environment is directly linked to our focus on sustainable development.


AMG stakeholders and the communities where we operate remain central to our business. Within our company, our human rights principles are sustained through the provision of safe and healthy working conditions in a non-discriminatory environment.


At AMG, we understand the importance of maintaining proper business ethics, regulatory compliance and risk management. The Company endorses good corporate governance, with a focus on independence, accountability and transparency.


AMG is a global critical materials company at the forefront of CO2 reduction trends. AMG produces highly engineered specialty metals and mineral products and provides vacuum furnace systems and services to the transportation, infrastructure, energy, and specialty metals and chemicals end markets.


AMG is deeply invested in the subject of sustainability

Learn more about our sustainability efforts on the AMG Group website

Environmental, social & governance performance dashboard (0.2 MB PDF)

AMG Group Sustainability Report Executive Summary 2020 (2 MB PDF)


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