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The market for lithium is growing rapidly, driven by a rising need for renewable energy (grid storage), strong demand for electric vehicles (EVs), and robust growth in smartphones, tablets, and wearables. In addition to demand for lithium for batteries, non-battery demand includes a wide variety of applications, including in the life sciences, ceramics, coolants and specialty chemicals fields.

Spodumene Concentrate

It became a critical mineral used in the production of batteries, especially fostered by the increase in the global demand for electric vehicles.

Lithium Hydroxide

The purification to high-quality Lithium Hydroxide Battery Grade is the core technology of our business.

Lithium Sulfide

Sulfidic solid electrolytes require high quality Lithium Sulfide (Li2S) as basic raw material. We provide Lithium sulfide in commercial scale quantities.

Development Products

Solid-State batteries represent the next generation of Lithium-Ion batteries. AMG is developing a process to manufacture sulfidic solid electrolytes. The process enables a wide range of compositions and material properties.


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