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With mining infrastructure already in place at AMG’s Mibra Mine in Brazil, and with the recovery of lithium bearing materials from existing and future tailings (by-products of AMG’s profitable tantalum operations at the mine), AMG expects to be the low cost producer of lithium concentrate globally.

AMG Brazil operates the Mibra Mine located about 225 km northwest of Rio de Janeiro and about 130 km southwest of Belo Horizonte in the federal district of Minas Gerais. This mine has been in operation since 1945 and is focused on tantalum, niobium, and lithium concentrates. AMG estimates that the current life of the mineral resource is approximately 20+ years, based upon current extraction and processing costs, and current economic conditions. The recent mineral resource estimate for Mibra (published in April 2017 and prepared in accordance with National Instrument 43-101 Guidelines) identified 20.3 million MT of measured and indicated resources, which includes lithium, tantalum, niobium, and tin.

The lithium concentration facility with an annual capacity of 90 kMT started production in May 2018. As the market demanded further lithium concentrate, AMG launched an extension of additional 40 kMT to reach an annual total capacity of 130 kMT.

In close proximity to the brand-new lithium concentrate facility, AMG Brazil plans to establish a conversion plant for processing lithium concentrate to technical-grade lithium salts. Once completed, it will feed the German upgrading plant.

Learn more about the Mibra Mine and the activities of our Brazilian affiliate, AMG Brasil, here.


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